KXNG CROOKED & Statik Selektah – Everybody Know Lyrics

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KXNG CROOKED & Statik Selektah - Everybody Know Lyrics

(What what)

Everybody know You fucking up the game
Everybody know you shit it don’t bang
Everybody know you never push cane
Never shot a thing, lame juice running in your veins
We out here getting power, getting paper, getting pussy (X3)
And didn’t have to sell our soul
It’s Statik KXNG shit, everybody know

I came in this game without a dime in my name
The reason they fuck with me, I was rhyming insane
Every line was designed with violence and pain
I spit and started climbing the ranks
Accapella nigga, five minute fling
Then I was riding a train home, fuckin with Ramen
Doing stick up with rusty llamas, we ain’t got nothing in common
If I told you my whole life story man, your stomach will vomit
Now I’m big enough in the game to light a blunt on a comet
We the commission, we kill em, we ain’t seeking permission
Amber alert, I prolly with you freak that you’re missing
I expect some head till I’m in a fetal position
She want breakfast in bed, bitch better sleep in the kitchen
Speaking of sleepin, they sleep on me often
People are talking way more than they need to be talking
The presidential suite you’re sleeping in need to be coffins
Aye, proceed with some caution when you’re speaking of bosses
Your main piece can get tossed and Im’ma leave skeet In your office
I’m lethal and heartless, Yall niggas so weak to me
If you say something hot, Im’ma be shocked
Like seeing Stephen Hawking recently walking or easily jogging
Your features be garbage, the flow so queezy and nauseous
I’m sick, wheezing and coughing, man this rap shit so easy I’m off it
I just do it for the real ones who rest in peace and died
Man somebody gotta keep them nigga legacy alive


Bitch nigga do it for the fame
Me and you will never be the same
Power, paper, pussy, 187 on them haters
Statik Kxng and we illest in the game

And everybody hol’up, Its obvious the streets know
From Starlet to Secret Sunday, even the freaks know
My Slaughterhouse shooters are deep on the East Coast
And you don’t wanna see my Long Beach niggas in beast mode
Fuck with us, them damn hammers blasting in this bastard
Your homies gonna be puttin’ bandanas in your casket
Niggas got hands, Van Damme or get his ass kicked
Rock you to sleep, the sandman will have your ass, bitch
The return of real is on the cuss
So linkin’ up with Selektah, that was a must
Even Pandora knows you niggas suck
I could never listen to your station and expect to hear us


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